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IMG_1778   Gyan Niketan Tigers (Basketball Players)  with the trophy

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Class – wise first, second, third with the student’s name: FIRST TERM EXAM – 2073

Roll Number Section Student Name Percentage Position
Class - I
2 Gurans Roshika Ghimire 99.23 1
3 Gurans Pranisha Tamang 98.77 3
19 Munal Sampada Subedi 99.08 2
Class - II
1 Munal Subhekshya K.C. 99.54 1
1 Gurans Yushika Khadka 99.23 2
2 Munal Bandana Khatri 98.62 3
Class - III
1 Gurans Nimisha  Shrestha 98 3
2 Gurans Suprabha  K.C 98.46 1
1 Munal Purnima Chaudhary 98.31 2
Class - IV
2 Munal Srasta Bhandari 95.41 2
1 Munal Srastisha Luitel 94.71 3
2 Danfe Abhaya  Timalsina 95.53 1
Class - V
1 Gurans Ankita  Jha 92.24 3
1 Munal Sampanna Adhikari 93.76 1
2 Munal Johana  Regmi 92.35 2
Class - VI
1 Danfe Satyam Mandal 92 3
1 Gurans Shreya  Poudel 92.12 2
1 Munal Rajiv Khadka 92.82 1
Class - VII
2 Munal Monika  K.C. 90.47 3
1 Munal Praptika  Bajracharya 91.29 2
2 Danfe Sushant  Chaudhary 91.29 2
1 Danfe Sujina    Dangal 95.41 1
Class - VIII
1 Munal Dhiritika  Tiwari 93 1
1 Gurans Biraj Sharma 89.89 2
1 Danfe Kushal G.C. 89.78 3
Class - IX
1 Munal Pragyan Bhattarai 94.12 1
31 Munal Sunil Kunwar 93.88 2
33 Munal Sarina Awal 93.53 3
Class - X
1 Danfe Sambat Bikram Pandey 90.38 1
2 Danfe Sadina  Shrestha 87.75 2
6 Danfe Ramita  Khadka 87.5 3
3 Danfe Aryaman Shrestha 87.75 2
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Celebration of World Environment Day through Rally

Untitled-1 Students on rally to celebrate world environment 2016.

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Buddha Jayanti

IMG_1427 Celebration of Buddha Jayanti through the Peace rally from Sankhamool - Buddhanagar area.

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Art Competition

IMG_1554 Art Competition organized by Gyan Niketan among the students of our own from Grade 5 to Grade 10. See more arts of our students in the Gallery  

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Gyan Niketan is conducting 24th parents day 2072 in Nepal Pragya Pratisthan Kamaladi kathmandu on 25th chaitra 2072. The School management, staffs and students coordially request the pleasure of company of all parents.

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National Essay Writing Competition-2072

Pragya Kafle Grade IX student able to secure Second Place in the National Essay Writing Competition -2072. U made us proud.

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Football Match

Gyan Niketan announces the 24th intra-school football tournament from 20th may 2016. It is to inform students that interested students should register their team by 15th may on college administration.

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The Art of Parenting and Counselling Program

The Art of Parenting and Counselling Program was conducted by Pritam Poudyel where the teachers were taught how to give parental care n counsel the students.Its main objective is to uplift the standard of the students.

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